The “Taboo” of Arousal in Sexual Assault

The idea of having an orgasm or feeling arousal during rape or molestation is a confusing and difficult one for many people, both survivors and secondary-survivors such as friends and family. Many do not believe it is possible for a girl or woman to achieve orgasm during rape or other kinds of sexual assault. Some believe having an orgasm under these circumstances means that it was not a “real” rape or the woman “wanted” it.

I treat girls and women with this issue, as well as all other aspects of abuse and rape recovery. It is typically embarrassing and shameful to talk about. However, once it is out in the open, we can look at these reactions together in a safe environment and begin the healing. The shame and guilt around this is a part of why rapes go unreported and why there is a need for better understanding in society for how and why this occurs.

If this has been your experience, you have found a place of compassion and healing. It wasn’t “dirty” or “wrong” for you to feel this way. It was your body doing what our bodies are made to do, have sexual feeling. It’s just that these feelings have left you confused and scared. Call or email to set up an initial appointment where we can talk about what you’ve been through. I promise you will find understanding and knowledgeable treatment.

“My belief is that if we can address sexual feelings during rape directly and remove the shame and stigma, then a lot more healing can happen.”