About Andrew

Andrew Pari, L.C.S.W., Diplomate, is the nation’s leading authority on the “arousal response mechanism” in sexualized violence. Considered the “taboo of the taboo” in rape and sexual assault, Andrew treats women who experienced arousal and orgasm during their adult or child sexual assault, in addition to all other aspects of sexualized violence.
A psychotherapist and public speaker/trainer with over 20 years’ experience treating trauma and crisis survivors, in addition to many other aspects of mental health, he is trained in a wide range of trauma treatment with a unique approach to sexualized violence recovery, combining traditional talk therapy, techniques specific to trauma work and his own skill based in understanding the physiology/reactions of sexual assault survivors.

Treatment modalities Seeking Safety, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviewing, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and Parent Custody Evaluation.

He ran the psychiatric emergency and disaster response team for West Los Angeles, responding to anything from celebrity calls to airline crashes. He is a clinical supervisor and trainer, and has provided training for many organizations, from law enforcement and mental health to international sexual violence conferences.
He is one of NASW’s “1000 Experts” selected to respond to media inquiries/interviews on trauma, sexual violence, and disaster response.

Andrew hosted the largest ever public discussions on topics related to sexual abuse and rape. He is a moderator for two online forums on rape recovery. He speaks around the country at international conferences, from in-depth trauma presentations for psychotherapists to women’s conferences to forensics conferences. Between his in-person and on-line work, he has reached tens of thousands of people to train, consult and educate on the more difficult aspects of sexual assault and abuse.

He is a lively and energetic speaker whose humor and compassion help audiences get to the heart of a heart-breaking subject.

He was co-creator and host of the Los Angeles radio show, Chasing the Why, where he covered a wide-range of social topics from the Japanese tsunami disaster to the international SlutWalk movement.

He received his Masters in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach in 1992, and is a Clinical Supervisor in community mental health in addition to public speaking and training engagements.

He currently practices in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County, CA.